Can Netflix Ban You for Using a VPN?

If you're wondering if Netflix can ban you for using a VPN, the answer is no. However, Netflix does not allow the use of services that can circumvent geographical restrictions. The streaming service has the right to ban your account, but no cases of such activity have been reported. If Netflix detects VPN IP addresses, it will display the streaming error code m7111-1331-5059 and temporarily block your access to the Netflix servers.

This type of ban isn't unusual, other streaming services (such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more) also have VPN bans. It's still possible to get around the ban though. You should use a VPN that constantly renews your IP addresses and has specific streaming servers. If the IP address of your VPN servers is not on that list, Netflix will take your apparent IP address at face value and stream content based on the location of your VPN server.

When the full scope of Netflix's use of geoblocking became apparent, VPNs stepped in to offer a ready-to-use solution. Around the world, thousands of users suddenly discovered that their VPN for Netflix wasn't working when the day before they could watch their favorite content without problems. Many high-quality VPNs now promote their ability to bypass VPN bans on Netflix and other services. If you want to access Netflix content that isn't available where you live, you'll need to make sure you find a VPN that can prevent any attempt by Netflix to block VPNs.

If the VPN's IP address isn't blocked, Netflix will gladly play the content on your streaming device and even stream Netflix Originals content to your TV. At the time, Netflix took a firm stance against VPN service providers because it was in their best interest to keep them happy. If it were only dependent on Netflix, it would be a global platform that transcends licensing agreements without the need to use a VPN.

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