Can Netflix Ban You for Using a VPN?

If you're a Netflix user, you may have heard that the streaming service can ban you for using a VPN. But is this true? The answer is no, Netflix does not ban users who use a VPN. However, if Netflix detects that you're using a VPN, it will display the streaming error code m7111-1331-5059 and temporarily block your access to the Netflix servers. It's not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix, but the streaming service has the right to restrict access to its content if it believes that users are circumventing geographical restrictions.

Other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer, also have VPN bans in place. Fortunately, it's still possible to bypass the Netflix VPN ban. To do this, you'll need to use a VPN that constantly renews your IP addresses and has specific streaming servers. It's also important to read the Netflix terms of use, as they make it clear that they don't want users to use VPNs.

If the IP address of your VPN servers is not on the list of approved IP addresses, Netflix will take your apparent IP address at face value and stream content based on the location of your VPN server. This means that if you're in Tanzania and want to watch Orange is the New Black, you'll need to use a VPN with servers in Tanzania. Many VPN services now offer special Netflix servers, so you only need to update the IPs of those servers routinely. However, it's easy to get stuck with a VPN contract that doesn't provide access to Netflix.

To avoid this problem, look for a reliable VPN service that maintains its servers and software so you can stay one step ahead of the Netflix ban.

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