Is it Worth Using a Free VPN?

Most VPN providers require a monthly fee if you want to use their secure server network. However, there are some VPN providers that offer a free connection. Very few VPNs offer a truly free option. In contrast, most companies offer limited-time trials or money-back guarantees.

But there are some providers that offer completely free subscription levels. ProtonVPN, PrivadoVPN, Windscribe, Atlas VPN and CyberGhost are the best we have reviewed so far. ProtonVPN offers the most complete and useful free VPN service, mainly because there are no data limits. You can connect to servers in three countries (US, Netherlands and Japan) and I have found consistent speeds in all of those locations.

In our tests, ProtonVPN's free service only reduced download speeds by about 20%, which isn't the fastest free VPN, but it's still excellent and comparable to many paid services. PrivadoVPN Free also stands out for its unblocking results. Unlike the rest of the free VPN world, PrivadoVPN offers free and paid customers access to the same streaming servers, and in our latest review we discovered that the company unblocked Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer from the US. UU.

Even most paid VPNs can't say the same. Windscribe Free VPN is a quality Canadian service whose attractive combination of features more than justifies its position in the top three. The network is another highlight, as Windscribe Free VPN users can choose from 14 locations in 11 countries. That beats PrivadoVPN Free (nine countries), Proton VPN (three countries), and many others.

Atlas VPN Free caught our attention for the first time with its impressive data allocation. It's not the 10 GB you get with your VPN for Windows, VPN for Android and VPN for iOS, although that's not bad; these are VPN users for Mac, who can use an excellent 2 GB a day. CyberGhost has been at the forefront of the VPN industry for many years. It offers several premium models, but the free version with advertising is a completely free VPN that is suitable for most casual users.

A good rule of thumb is to be wary of any free service and consider only free VPNs offered by companies with strong privacy policies and a good track record.Overall, while there are some issues with free VPNs, they can still be useful if you know what to look out for. ProtonVPN Free currently tops our best free VPN lists; PrivadoVPN Free offers excellent streaming results; Windscribe Free VPN comes very close; Atlas VPN Free has an impressive data allocation; and CyberGhost has a reliable free version with advertising.

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