Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting?

If your VPN keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, it's likely that data packets between your device and the VPN server are being lost or blocked. This could be due to issues with the VPN client, router, or network connection. VPN connection drops can often be a sign of general network problems, rather than a problem with the device or VPN. To check this, try connecting to the VPN through other networks (a friend's house, a public Wi-Fi network) and look for changes.I previously contacted customer service about a problem and they told me that the VPN already knew and solved the issue.

Thanks to ExpressVPN's server network of 3,000 servers in 94 countries, you can reliably bypass geoblocks. If you have it, select the provider's custom protocol first (ExpressVPN has Lightway, NordVPN has NordLynx, Hotspot Shield uses Catapult Hydra). If this resolves the problem consistently, it could be a sign that the nearest VPN servers are having some technical issues.ExpressVPN has a global server network and top-notch security features that reduce the likelihood of connection problems. Therefore, we recommend using a VPN that offers the Internet Kill Switch feature.

This will disconnect your entire Internet connection when you disconnect the VPN, preventing your real identity from leaking out.My team and I even discovered that ExpressVPN's servers could access Netflix US, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and other streaming platforms with location restrictions. While you're using a VPN to protect your privacy, the last thing you want is something that completely exposes it.It's always a good idea to make sure your VPN software is up to date, as you may have been issued a new patch that corrects known connection issues. If you don't have many (or none) location options, perhaps because it's a free VPN, that may be the real cost of using the service. Like firewalls, your antivirus can be particularly strict and block your VPN as a potential security risk.

It may seem overwhelming, but most of the time, fixing your VPN is a simple procedure that only requires a little patience.In addition to protecting your data, these features can reduce the likelihood of VPN disconnection problems by making your connection more secure and impenetrable. CyberGhost's VPN apps are easy to navigate on all platforms, although their optimized servers aren't available in mobile apps. A VPN protocol is a set of instructions that determines how data will travel from your device to the VPN server.

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