What is the Best 100% Free VPN?

ProtonVPN stands out as the only 100% free VPN with no data limits, allowing users to use it for as long as they want. However, the free version has a slight speed limit compared to ProtonVPN's paid plans.

Unfortunately, many free VPNs are not secure and pose privacy and security risks. We tested more than 150 free VPN apps and found that 77% of them posed risks.

The best free VPN, ideal for streaming, torrenting and security, is Windscribe Free. It comes with 10 server locations and a data limit of 10 GB. While 10 GB is generous, it may not be enough for heavy Internet use. Windscribe Free works well on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. It can also unlock the BBC iPlayer from abroad.

The speeds of the free version are about a third slower than those of the premium VPN, and there are only 10 free server locations available. By comparison, Windscribe's paid VPN gives access to 110 server locations. We've tested Windscribe Free's ability to unblock websites in China and it's still working. Windscribe Free works best in China if you connect to the nearby Hong Kong server. It will also work in other censored countries, such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The free version of PrivadoVPN is one of the best we've found. It offers 10 GB of free data per month, unrestricted P2P traffic, and unblocks Netflix from the US. UU. Just like in Windscribe, there's not much you can play with 10 GB of free data.

Only Proton VPN offers unlimited data, but it doesn't unblock any streaming platform. PrivadoVPN Free allows you to connect to 13 cities in nine countries. The United States is the only country with more than one location in the city, which is good for maintaining optimal speeds when streaming American content.

Surprisingly, the free VPN recorded the same download speed of 91 Mbps as the premium VPN. By connecting us to the U. S. From the United Kingdom, we recorded average download speeds of 68 Mbps.

A fast, free VPN with a monthly data limit of 10 GB and a private logging policy is Atlas VPN Free. It offers exceptionally fast local speeds of 97 Mbps - much faster than Windscribe's 54 Mbps and Private VPN's 91 Mbps.

The best free VPNs will allow you to use at least 10 GB of data per month; one or two have no limits. Free VPNs tend to have fairly limited server networks, but there are services with more than 10 global server locations.

Windscribe Free is the best free VPN we've tested. It's completely secure, has a private logging policy, and doesn't filter IP or DNS data. Windscribe Free has a monthly data allowance of 10 GB - more generous than many competing free VPNs.

The VPN doesn't have the streaming capabilities of Windscribe Free or the unlimited data of Proton VPN Free. Nor does it allow you to download torrents in its free version.

Hotspot Shield Free has a daily data allowance of 500 MB - around 15 GB of data per month - one of the highest bandwidth allocations among secure and free VPNs.

Even though ExpressVPN isn't 100% free, I prefer to use this VPN because it's much more reliable than any truly free VPN I've used.

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